Welcome to WorkRight OHS

    Welcome to Workright Occupational Health an established provider of occupational health. Our goal is to create lasting partnerships with employers and organizations in the communities that we serve.

    Our clinic staff monitors patients compliance with treatment goals, and communicates with company contacts and insurers so that follow-up care instruction and specific work limitations are realistic and understandable.

    WorkRight Occupational Health Services Offers You :

    Quality care from highly qualified medical professionals in occupational medicine 24-hour medical care and drug/alcohol testing services available with local hospital emergency departments Time-saving reports, allows for tracking of patients' progress and care via e-mail Prompt billing with abiltiy to direct bill to your insurance carrier or your company An array of programs that can be customized to assist you in educating your employees

    WorkRight Occupational Health Services can assist you in manageing your bottom line by providing your business with a comprehensive range of cost-effective, quality occupational health services. Whether your employee needs medical care for a work-related illness and injury, physical exams, physical rehabilitation or drug screens, we will work closely with you to provide a customized program that meets your company's needs.

    WorkRight will provide you with a work status report after each treatment outlining the diagnosis, treatment, work status, and follow-up appointment if necessary. If a specialist is required, WorkRight will refer your employee to a select group of medical specialists who support the WorkRight philosophy of safe and timely return-to-work.

Occupational Health Services such as Employment Physicals, Fitness-For-Duty Exams, Treatment of work related injury, On-Site X-Ray Physical Therapy Vision Test, Audiograms, Pulmonary Function, Vaccine



Treatment of Work related injury, Physicals, X-ray, Physical Therapy, Drug and Alcohol Testing Services, Vision, Audiogram
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